Should you Take the SAT/ACT with Writing?

Unsure if you should take the SAT/ACT writing or not? Read this article to figure out what you should do!

By: Isabel Sipkema, Rhodes College ‘23, Biology, and Educational Studies Double Major


Many people question whether or not they should take the SAT/ACT with writing. However, as of two days ago, the SAT with writing test is no longer available. This means that colleges and universities can no longer require students to take this portion of the exam. However, the ACT with writing is still a viable option for many students. The SAT/ACT with writing is not required by all universities or colleges across the United States. Due to the recent changes to the SAT test, with the writing portion no longer being available, the ACT with writing is now the best option for students who want to show their writing skills on the ACT test. If you are hesitant if you should take the ACT with writing, keep reading. 

There are several universities or colleges that do require the writing portion of the ACT, or at least strongly recommend it, for their admissions process. Therefore, the answer to this question is simple: you should take the ACT with writing if a university or college of any sort requires or strongly recommends that you take the writing portion. Some scholarship programs also require the ACT with writing for their applicants, so be sure to check if you require this portion of the test for any part of your application process. If you are unsure if your application to a school requires the ACT with writing, you can find information regarding the requirements on their school website. It is commonly found under the admissions section of their website or prospective students. 

With the ACT with writing being the only of the two tests that offer a writing portion now, it is a great tool to show your writing skills to colleges and universities. Since there are many schools that either require or strongly recommend the writing portion, it is important to take this portion of the test seriously. It can improve your score, as well as improve your chances of getting into a particular college or university if you do very well. Just as how many colleges and universities require essays for admission, this portion of the ACT can act as a supplemental piece of writing that can show a school what you have to offer in terms of writing ability. Writing is an important skill that will be crucial in college regardless of your major and this test will show your potential school if you have the capability to do well at their school. Therefore, if your program requires or strongly recommends this portion of the test, be sure to take it. 

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