Dress for Success on Test Day

Taking a test soon? Find out tips for what you should wear on test day!

By: Isabel Sipkema, Biology and Educational Studies at Rhodes College ‘22

Taking a big test soon and worried about what to wear? Follow these simple steps to figure out what you should wear so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your outfit on test day!

  1. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: When you ask someone what to wear for a test, you usually get the response to wear something comfortable. But what does that mean? Comfortable clothes are different for everyone, depending on what you are used to wearing on an average day. Ultimately, don’t wear something you aren’t used to wearing, as this can make you feel uncomfortable. You want to wear something that won’t feel out of place from what you are used to wearing.
  2. WEAR LAYERS: Layers are very important. Regardless of whether or not you know what room you are taking your test in, the room could end up being colder than you find comfortable or warmer. This is where layers come into play: if the room is too cold, you can have a jacket to wear. However, if it is warmer than you thought it would be, then you can take off the jacket. 
  3. NO SHORT BOTTOMS: Looking back at the layered tip, it is not recommended to wear shorts, as this could mean that your legs end up being uncomfortable and cold. Additionally, you may or may not know what kind of chair you will be sitting on but not having protection over your legs could mean that you feel uncomfortable. It is most likely safe to say that the room will not be boiling, meaning that longer bottoms won’t end up being a distraction. 
  4. DON'T WEAR SWEATS IF YOU AREN’T USED TO THEM: Many people like to take their tests in sweatpants, but don’t do this unless you are used to wearing them frequently. Comfortable clothing on test day should be the types of clothes that you are normally used to wearing, as wearing something that you normally only wear at home may become distracting.
  5. NORMAL IS GOOD: Wear clothes that you would normally wear to school and that you are used to wearing for your classes. The clothes that you are comfortable wearing to school on an average day are generally the types of clothes that you want to try to wear for test day too. If you are used to dressing up a bit for school and feel more confident wearing that, then wear that on test day too. Your normal is what you are comfortable wearing and feeling like you are wearing what you normally wear will boost your confidence for the test. 
  6. BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DRESS CODE: Finally, be sure to follow your school or testing location’s dress code.  

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