7 Test Day Tips

Taking a test soon? Find out tips for what you should do so that you can be prepared. 

By: Isabel Sipkema, Biology and Educational Studies at Rhodes College ‘22


Taking a big exam soon and worried about what you can do to be prepared the best you can? Follow these simple tips to figure out what you should do to perform your best on test day!

  1. GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP: Sleep is very important for your health and your brain’s ability to function to the best of its ability. It is therefore crucial to make sure that you sleep at least 7 hours. If you are used to sleeping more, then get more sleep. Know your own body and the amount of sleep that you need to be able to function to the best of your ability.
  2. PACK YOUR THINGS THE NIGHT BEFORE: Organize your things the night before your exam to make the morning of your exam more relaxing and calm. By organizing your things the night before, you are able to free up time in the morning that could be spent getting ready for your exam, sleeping a bit longer, or preparing a healthy breakfast. 
  3. EAT A SMART DINNER AND HEALTHY BREAKFAST: Your body needs food and nutrients in order to work the best that it can for your exam. Be sure to eat a good dinner the night before your exam and to eat a healthy breakfast. However, don’t eat something that you aren’t used to eating: eat something healthy that you will also enjoy eating. 
  4. WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: When you ask someone what to wear for a test, you usually get the response to wear something comfortable. However, comfortable clothes are different for everyone, depending on what you are used to wearing on an average day. Ultimately, don’t wear something you aren’t used to wearing, as this can make you feel uncomfortable. You want to wear something that won’t feel out of place from what you are used to wearing. Be sure to follow your school or testing location’s dress code.  
  5. ACTIVATE YOUR BRAIN IN THE MORNING WHILE AVOIDING TEST MATERIALS: You want to ensure that your brain is awake and active before your exam. To do this, read an article or a book of some sort in the morning that could get you feeling active and awake. However, be sure not to use your studying materials for this. If you have been preparing for your exam for a while, trust yourself that you are prepared for the exam and that last minute studying wont benefit your ability to do well on the test. It will likely stress you out more. 
  6. BRING A HEALTHY SNACK TO YOUR EXAM: Whether your test is early in the morning or later in the day, chances are that you will be hungry for a snack before or in between your exam sections (if applicable). Even if you think that you won’t be hungry, be sure to bring some water and a small snack to fill your stomach if you find yourself being hungry. 
  7. ARRIVE EARLY TO YOUR TESTING LOCATION TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL CALM: If you have never been to your testing center, get there early to familiarize yourself with the area. If you have been there before, still try to get there at a reasonable time to allow yourself to get comfortable. 

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