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With Covid lingering around, the fall semester and the return to school is still uncertain. Many schools that started with in-person classes have had to rescind that model and return to virtual classrooms. Unfortunately, we anticipate that continuing to happen. As a parent, knowing what to do is tough, and this is a stressful time for both parents and students. Added to that stress is the uncertainty in the job market, and we know many are worried about their economic security. Having disposable income at this time is a luxury which many do not have.

Brains and Brawn has always offered, and will continue to offer, several free resources to help parents and students with their educational journey. We strongly encourage students of all ages and ability levels to take advantage of these resources. After all, data is one of the most valuable tools, and is the best way to know whether a student is on track. Spending less time in school means an increased likelihood of falling behind, which is not only stressful but can be expensive to fix.

First of all, we provide free diagnostic tests for each and every student. If you’re a high school student, odds are good that you’ll need to take the SAT or ACT some day for college. Even if you’re planning to apply to test-optional schools only, knowing what you need to improve, and what you are struggling with, is valuable. The SAT and ACT, while understandably controversial in their utility, are actually great indicators of a student’s level of comprehension, since they test every skill a student is expected to know for college. And even though many parents hate standardized tests that last 3 hours and create anxiety, they’re also very similar to how college success is measured. We all know that most college classes have few grades, and typically hinge on the 2 midterms + 1 final exams structure. Our team provides these tests to all students for free, and also provides a free breakdown of performance after the test has ended to help direct students toward opportunities for improvement.

If you’re a bit younger than high school, there are other, similar tests that are great measuring tools. There are tools that we’ve designed to monitor progress for students as young as elementary school. With the virtual world, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the downstream implications for student progress. Keeping a close eye on how your child is doing is incredibly important. We can do this, for free, any time.

Don’t sit at home, while your student is staring at a screen for school, and worry about how they’re doing. Contact our team, and know for certain exactly how your child is responding to and performing in this newly designed virtual learning environment.

-Mark Wilson, Director of Curriculum Development & Design

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